Railway vehicles regularly face the challenge of evenly distributing increasing volumes of data across a reliable and secure Ethernet network.

HUBER + SUHNER’s RADOX RAILCAT CAT7 cable with an M12 connector provides a pre-assembled system that can connect all systems and devices on railway vehicles, including cameras and servers.

The M12 connector is available in two versions; an overmoulded, pre-assembled version, and an optimised version that are equally simple to install on railway vehicles.


The assembly is based on the new RADOX RAILCAT CAT7, a databus cable for Ethernet network connections of up to 10GB. The four-pair cable is available as 4x2x24 AWG and supports easy routing due to its reduced dimensions. Like most HUBER+SUHNER products, RADOX RAILCAT CAT7 also features electron-beam cross-linked insulation material, the proven RADOX EM 104. This makes the entire assembly particularly resistant to heat, cold, media and weather.

The assembly and configurations of the RADOX RAILCAT CAT7 with M12 connectors was specifically designed for the railway industry, in particular the environmental and fire protection requirements.

Product features

  • Developed for rolling stock applications
  • Premium RADOX quality
  • Low-loss data transmission
  • High signal reserves
  • Pre-assembled and thus safe and easy to install
  • Connector variant for easy installation in the field without special tools
  • Cable connection available – for lossless cable extension