Passenger information systems at railway stations have changed drastically.

Nowadays, informing passengers is more than just hanging up analogue timetables. More than ever, passengers in the age of digital innovations are accustomed to getting personalised information at all times.

With our e.VITRUM® Digital Signage LCD Totems product line for railway stations, the passengers decide what kind of information is relevant to them: timetables, connection, delays, maps, news or other kinds of information.

They have very easy-to-use multi-touch screens that include the corporate design of the station, as well as accessibility for people with disabilities.

Our monitors have been used for many years all over the world. Many quality certificates such as protection against vandalism, tightness and fire protection prove their longevity for both indoor and outdoor use. That is why large transport companies such as Austrian Federal Railways rely on information system from ST-VITRINEN.

Thanks to modular production lines, we at ST-VITRINEN GmbH & Co KG are able to implement projects of any size on an individualised basis. It is easily possible to adapt the passenger information to the architecture of any station.

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