Talkback Unit

Pickersgill-Kaye supplied passenger emergency alarm units for the London Underground Jubilee and Northern Line contracts. The units are wall mounted devices for passenger to driver emergency communication.

For the Northern Line we supplied two types of emergency talkback units, as well as the passenger emergency alarm handles and remote public address units. For the Jubilee Line we supplied the emergency talkback units.

Pickersgill-Kaye has also supplied units to Axiontech (Canada) for fitment to the Toronto Transit Car Rocket project and for the Siemens (UK) Desiro build trains.

The emergency talkback units and the passenger emergency alarm handles are electro-mechanical assemblies located in the saloon wall panels, and comprise of a red handle, which when pulled actuates a threepole electrical switch, sending a signal back to the driver. If the driver fails to respond in a set time the train will automatically stop.

The emergency talkback units also incorporate a talkback facility for driver / passenger communication, and hidden legends which when illuminated read ‘Driver Aware’ and ‘Speak to Driver.’

The remote PA unit is located in the cab wall panel and consists of a microphone and combined ‘Public Address / Press to Talk’ button with indicator.

The units have been designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with the following BRB/LUL standards, RIA12, 13, 18, and 20, and are sealed to BSEN 60529, IP65.

Units can be powder painted with Bonalux anti-graffiti paint reference BAG/JLE/001/94 in accordance with LUL standard RSE/STD/012 and Alstom specification L14/SS/001.

An optional panel to prevent inadvertent or accidental operation can be supplied.