HXN6 high-power hybrid locomotive is a standard-gauge shunting and transfer locomotive designed and developed to meet various application conditions of large marshalling stations.

The locomotive adopts a carbody of single driver cab and outside corridor, which is equipped with a diesel engine of 1250kW service power and lithium iron phosphate power battery pack of 1,100kWh. It can exert 2,200kW power in the intermediate DC link and 1,860kW wheel power in mixed working condition. The maximum operating speed of the locomotive is 100km/h.

Main Technical Parameters:

  • Application: Shunting service
  • Track Gauge: 1,435mm
  • Axle Arrangement: C0-C0
  • Wheel Diameter: 1,250mm
  • Axle Load: 25 t
  • Locomotive Service Weight: 150 t
  • Max. Service Output of Diesel Engine: 1,250kW
  • Battery capacity: 1,100kWh
  • Min. Negotiable Curve Radius: 100 m
  • Max. Running Speed: 100 km/h
  • Continuous Speed:
    • ≤13 km/h (hybrid working condition)
    • ≤6 km/h (only diesel engine working condition)
  • Max. Starting Tractive Effort: ≥560 kN
  • Continuous Tractive Effort: ≥540 kN
  • Fuel Capacity: 5,500l
  • Oil Capacity: 700 kg
  • Sand Capacity: 800 kg
  • Overall Dimensions (L×W×H): 21,660mm×3,256mm×4,660mm