Mura MPX Series

Building a video wall doesn’t need to be an expensive or complex process. In fact, it’s easy when using Matrox Mura MPX Series video wall capture and display boards.

Mura MPX Series allows clients to configure a video wall with off-the-shelf components and control it with user-friendly software. Clients simply choose the boards they need from a complete hardware line-up and then select one or more software control options.

Matrox MuraControl

Matrox MuraControl video wall management software provides an easy and intuitive way to manage your Mura MPX-powered video wall locally or remotely.

Clients can create and manage layouts offline and in real-time, using single-licence software for Windows® or a free, lighter app for iPad® featuring drag and drop functionality.

Crestron integration

Easily integrate a touch-panel Crestron® control system for Matrox-powered video walls with the free Mura MPX module, available through Matrox membership in the Crestron Integrated Partner Program.

Mura Crestron module is realised through Matrox membership in the Crestron integrated partner program, this module (available from Crestron) helps integrators link Crestron Control Systems to Mura-based video walls.

Matrox Mura Network API

Develop your own custom control application to meet individual project specifications with Matrox’s robust and easy-to-use Telnet-based Mura MPX Network API over Ethernet or RS-232.

Clear documentation and .net sample code are available, enabling custom control software development. Alternatively, modify existing control software to access Mura MPX Series capture & display boards’ high-end feature set.

OEM Partner Program

As part of the Matrox OEM Partner Program, qualified OEMs can develop their own control application using the comprehensive Mura SDK.