MiniProf BT Brake

MiniProf BT Brake is an excellent tool for measuring the important wear parameters of any brake disc.

MiniProf BT Brake provides instant calculations of brake hollowing and thickness. The MiniProf Envision software can visualise and calculate residuals and areas automatically.

Measurements can be compared in multiple ways and easily exported to various formats. MiniProf Envision offers customers a powerful brake analysis tool, as well as user-friendly measuring software.


The wheel-mounted MiniProf BT Brake instrument is attached magnetically to the vertical part of the wheel, either on the backside of the flange or on the outer side of the rim. This part of the wheel is used as a reference for the measurement.


The axle mounted MiniProf BT Brake instrument is mounted on the outer diameter of the brake disc and is attached using magnetic rollers. These also align with the wear marker on the disc, which act as reference points for the measurement.

Features of the MiniProf BT Brake include:

  • Wireless measurement
  • Optional measurement with cable
  • Magnetic attachment of instrument
  • Soft titanium and high-precision design
  • Waterproof IP67-rated transport case


  • Unit: 0.9kg


  • Better than: ±11μm
  • Repeatability: ±2.5μm


  • Speed: less than 5s


  • 10h of work or 1,000 measurements