RIFTEK’s measurement sensors for the railway industry includes a wide range of laser sensors and scanners.

Laser triangulation sensors

These laser sensors offer contactless measuring and checking of position, displacement, dimensions, surface profile, deformation, vibrations, sorting and sensing of technological objects. They can also measure levels of liquid and bulk materials.

2D laser scanners

The 2D scanners are suitable for non-contact measuring and checking of surface profile, dimensions, sorting and sensing of technological objects, 3D models construction.

Absolute linear position sensors

Absolute Linear Position Sensors (Absolute Linear Encoders) are designed for measuring and checking displacements, dimensions, run-outs, surface profiles, deformations.

Optical micrometers

Optical micrometers use a ‘shadow’ measurement principle, with collimated laser light being transmitted towards a receiver. The edges of the shadow cast by an object in the beam’s path are accurately measured by the detector array inside the receiver unit.

Optical Micrometers are contactless devices that measure diameters of wires, rods and other cylinders in addition to gaps, edge positions and dimensional characteristics of geometric objects.

Speed and length sensors

These sensors are intended for contactless measurement of speed and length of moving surfaces and objects, including wires, strips, tubes, fibres, films, paper, hot steel, vehicles.