RIFTEK offers an extensive range of measurement instruments for the railway industry. Products in this range are listed below.

Wheen diameter measuring gauge

The electronic gauge is designed for measuring wheel rolling circle diameter with high precision.

Measurements are made directly on rolling stock without wheelset roll-out. This is performed according to the ‘three points’ technique without complete coverage. A large numeric display shows the wheel diameter value. IDK-BT gauge features a Bluetooth interface for data transfer to a wheelset database management system.

Railway wheel profile gauge

The later profilometer measures geometrical parameters of the rail wheel flange, including thickness, slope and height, as well as rim or tyre thickness, for a complete profile of the wheel roll surface.

The PDA-based handheld device features a database and software package for wheelset wear data storage and processing.

Back-to-back distance measuring gauges

This measurement system is designed for contactless measurement of the back-to-back distance between railway wheels in the course of a check-up, examination, repair or formation of wheelsets.

Disk brakes profile gauge 

PDA-based handheld railway measurement instruments are used for contactless laser scanning and measurement of brake disk wear parameters. Devices are equipped with a database and software package for disk wear data storage and processing

Rail profile measurement gauge

The portable laser rail profilometer (PRP) is used for contactless registration or the railhead acting face’s cross-section.

Its main functions include obtaining information on the cross-section profile, full profile scanning and analysis, as well as visualisation of the combined graphical images of the actual and new cross-section.

Real-time wheel geometry measurement system 3DWheel

3DWheel is designed for contactless automatic measurement of geometrical parameters or railway wheels. It uses a combination of 2D laser scanners that are mounted wayside in the track area. These can be easily installed on any rail infrastructure.

Automated systems for wheelset control

These devices automatically measure automatic geometric parameters of railway wheelsets during incoming and outgoing inspections carried out in railcar/wheel shops, wagon depots.

Laser systems for power rail position dynamic control

The system is intended for contactless control of displacement dynamics of the power rail.

Our Benelux-based partner ALTHERIS can be contacted about ordering these devices.

Equivalent conicity calculation programme

Equivalent Conicity is a parameter that is used when investigating dynamic interaction between railways vehicle and track. The parameter describes the behaviour of contact between wheels and rails for straight and large radius parts of track.

It calculates the following parameters:

  • Contact points position
  • Rolling radiuses difference depending on displacement of wheelset
  • Contact angles and their difference depending on displacement of wheelset
  • Equivalent conicity

The program can use data from the Railway wheel profile gauge IKP-5 and Rail profile measurement gauge PRP or any other sources. It only requires the description of Real Wheels and Rails Profiles presented in tabular form.