Today, countries and governments across the globe are confronted with the challenges of urbanisation, pollution, digitalisation, and population growth, particularly in emerging markets. Rail is already playing a key role in solving these issues.

Ground-breaking technology

Offering a full range of advanced automatic train control (ATC) technologies and operating modes, Bombardier’s CITYFLO solutions support rail control, for all urban operations, from trams to light rail vehicles, to monorails and high capacity metros. CITYFLO delivers the highest levels of safety while meeting operator demand for flexible, high performing and cost-effective solutions.

Improved operational performance is achieved by providing varying levels of automated functionality for the following:

  • Automatic train protection (ATP), which controls vital, safety-critical functions
  • Automatic train operation (ATO), which controls the actual train driving functions
  • Automatic train supervision (ATS), including routing, schedule adherence and fault monitoring functions.

Key benefits

The key benefits of Bombardier mass transit solutions include:

  • Improves safety
  • Improves operational performance and profitability
  • Facilitates shorter headways and consequently a more frequent service
  • Eliminates the need for high-cost maintenance signalling equipment
  • Modular design can be customised, e.g. capacity for driverless train operation (DTO) or semi-automatic train operation (STO).
  • Proven technology delivers reliability and availability
  • Meets operational demands for entire life of system with robust solutions that can accommodate change requirements
  • Short system delivery times ensure minimal disruption to existing systems.

CBTC – a new generation of automation

Bombardier’s CITYFLO 650 is a system for DTO or unattended (UTO) train operations designed for moving block advanced metro operations and automated people movers (APM). The track-to-train communication is achieved via state-of-the-art wireless technology to provide bi-directional communication. The system is used for automatic running of trains on segregated tracks.

With its pioneering advances in CBTC solutions, Bombardier supports system optimisation and upgrade, provides a new dimension in overlay capability and tackles the capacity challenge.

Main characteristics

  • CBTC moving block system for all mass transit applications
  • Driving supported by ATP EBI Cab vehicle ATP / vehicle ATO (DTO/UTO level)
  • ATP information through spread spectrum radio
  • ATO functionality with continuous driving strategy modification
  • Segregated track
  • Train detection by radio transmissions of train positions
  • Continuous train supervision through EBI Screen control room
  • EBI Lock integrated interlocking function or EBI Lock computer-based interlockings
  • Point machines controlled by interlockings
  • Optional SCADA functionality can be added to the EBI Screen control room
  • Integration of auxiliary systems such as passenger information displays CCTV; public announcement radio; telecoms

Bombardier facts

In 2003, Bombardier introduced the world’s first radio-based, moving block train control system in San Francisco, USA.

The upgrade of Metro Madrid’s busy Lines 1 and 6, with Bombardier’s CITYFLO 650 CBTC solution, installed as an overlay solution without interruption to services, resulted in an over 30% increase in capacity.

Bombardier’s CITYFLO CBTC solutions are now operational on 25 lines around the globe and in delivery on 14 further lines including the fully-automated, high capacity.

Ongoing landmark projects include the fully-automated Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit Lines 1 & 2 in Malaysia, first driverless Metro in Delhi, Melbourne’s first high-capacity signalling system, and for Monorail projects in Bangkok.