The Matrox Maevex AV-over-IP solution consists of Maevex H.264 encoders and decoders, which can extend or record up to 1080p60 video and audio over a standard IP network at user-defined low bit rates for excellent quality and minimal network bandwidth consumption.

The Maevex encoder streams or records high-quality video and audio and uses the H.264 video compression standard. It can stream to Maevex decoders or any device or PC that supports the required network protocols.

It can also record to a shared network or NAS drive. The robust Matrox PowerStream™ software application is included with the hardware and is used to remotely discover, manage, and adjust the Maevex network and lets administrators conveniently define multiple stream parameters and balance network bandwidth consumption and quality.

The Maevex API is also available to enable programmers to integrate current features into existing applications or create new, independent PowerStream-like software to meet their specific needs.

Maevex’s H.264 hardware architecture, I/O functionality and PowerStream features together yield an excellent-quality AV-over-IP solution at a cost-effective price for a wide variety of applications.


Distribute and record high-quality video and audio with applications in healthcare, automation / production, education and training, security, banking, transportation and dynamic digital signage.

Additionally, Maevex can serve collaborative video wall and control room environments by making it easier to distribute and integrate data and video. In control rooms for example, Maevex serves as a seamless, standardized IT solution to deliver desktop, video, and other content to the video wall, as well as share operator display outputs, desktops, and applications.

Extremely cost-effective, Maevex takes full advantage of existing and standardized COTS IT networking equipment and networks within these environments. In many cases, Maevex can run video and audio on existing data networks without requiring any special segregation or network management. Send data and high-resolution video at very low bandwidth, with excellent-quality results.

The need for high-quality, low-bandwidth video distribution on non-proprietary, standardized IT equipment is common in many application areas and Maevex can serve ProAV installers and integrators as an excellent, versatile and cost-effective solution in their product portfolio.