The reconstruction of traditional hydraulic locomotive is a new type of product based on the technology of hybrid locomotive and combined with the characteristics of traditional hydraulic locomotive.

It can replace the hydraulic locomotive which is about to be scrapped for operation, and realize the hybrid power or pure battery traction of the locomotive at a lower cost. It has the characteristics of low cost, easy maintenance, comfortable ride, energy saving and emission reduction.

Main Advantages:

  • Energy saving: After the reconstruction, even if the ground charging is not used at all, the locomotive is expected to save more than 30% fuel compared with the original locomotive, and the emission index of the locomotive is significantly improved.
  • Emission reduction: After the reconstruction, the emission level reaches EU IIIA, and the black smoke from the old diesel engine was significantly improved.
  • Noise reduction: The noise tested after the reconstruction is 71dB (A) at 7.5 meters away from the locomotive and the noise in the driver’s cab is 53dB (A). The noise is lower when used by battery traction.
  • Easy to charge: The power battery can be charged directly by 380V 50Hz industrial power supply or by diesel generator set without separate charger.
  • Make full use of the original equipments: Extend the life and value of the original locomotive. Except diesel engine, hydraulic transmission box and auxiliary system, other parts will be used after repair or reconstruction.