IRIS certification

In this four-day basic course you will learn all the essentials about the IRIS certification process, the correct interpretation and understanding of the requirements of IRIS rev.02.1, version 2.4, as well as their specific assessment methodology in a comprehensive manner.

You’ll receive tips and practical solutions on how to introduce the IRIS standard to your company efficiently. It aims amongst other things to train process-oriented auditing, to practice the correct behavior of internal auditors, and deepen your new knowledge through numerous exercises. In this crash course, internal auditors from the industry will follow the same, if not higher, training standards as the auditors of the certification bodies.

After written and oral examination participants will receive an internationally recognised certificate from the IRIS Academy. More than 800 managers from all continents have experienced this course. 98% of them rated this course ‘excellent’ and recommend it to others.

Your trainer, Andreas Heinzmann, has accrued the following experience:

  • Many years head of quality for Bombardier
  • More than 30 years experiences in the rail industry
  • First president and founder of the IRIS Group
  • Member of the IRIS working group
  • IRIS Future outlook: ‘IRIS goes ISO’ by 2017 / 2018

Key companies that have benefitted from the course include Bombardier, Siemens Mobility, Alstom, ABB, and Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA).

For further course information, including price list, registration templates and scheduling, please visit the CC-Rail website.