A priority in the mining industry is to move freight safely 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, with optimised efficiency and capacity.

Specifically designed for industrial and mining applications, Bombardier’s INTERFLO 150 solution offers a communications-based train control (CBTC) system with moving block technology which can be fully automated and driverless.

The system provides a step change in rail productivity by enabling flexible operations and integration with a mine’s loading and unloading systems. The system is also scalable, making it cost effective in mines of varying size and grades of automation around the world.

Designed for efficient operation

The INTERFLO system is the optimal choice for heavy haulage lines as well as industrial automated haulage systems. It delivers minimal wayside footprint while offering maximum rail capacity. Its automated driverless mode supports minimal OPEX cost. INTERFLO includes several functions for industrial automation and integration with other production control systems.

Key features

The key features of Bombardier mining solutions include:

  • Built-in automatic train protection (ATP) for increased safety
  • The system manages unmanned automatic train operation (ATO)
  • Maximum freight capacity through moving block functionality
  • Integration with loading/unloading facilities
  • No wayside train detection equipment required
  • No optical signals required
  • Built-in driverless capability
  • Automatic dispatching and traffic on demand
  • Use in combination with various radio systems (e.g. VHF, UHF, Tetra, GSM(-R), LTE, Wi-Fi)

Tailored lifetime solutions

We offer tailored solutions ranging from sub-systems to complete turnkey solutions as well as maintenance, installation, commissioning, training, spare parts, obsolescence management and other services.

To achieve the very best solution for our customers, we discuss and tailor solutions to suit your needs and are available to support throughout the entire lifecycle of the project.

Bombardier fact file

Bombardier is a leading provider of rail control solutions and turnkey railway system projects which have been supplied to the mining industry worldwide.

This experience has been invested in the company’s highly-skilled engineers and allows systems to be installed in wide-spread remote locations.

These range from the world’s largest copper reserves within Codelco in the Chilean Andes, to more recent installations in one of the world’s most automated underground mines, LKAB in northern Sweden.