High Speed Rail Corrugation Analyser

If you are looking to review and measure irregularities in rails at typical line speeds, the High Speed Rail Corrugation Analyser, or HSRCA, from RailMeasurement allows for accurate high-speed measurement.

Irregularities include corrugation, welds, joints and acoustic roughness. The measurements produced are in a form that can be used directly for prioritisation and planning of maintenance such as grinding and weld straightening.

The HSRCA hardware is relatively simple: accelerometers on both axleboxes of a wheelset and a tachometer. The existing tachometer signal from a service vehicle is normally used. A self-contained system can run on an industry-standard laptop, and the equipment is sufficiently compact that it can be carried by two people. Temporary installation on a vehicle, such as might be undertaken for a short-term survey of a small network, can be completed in less than a day.