TDM offer a wide range of Passenger Help Points and Emergency Telephones, supplied in the enclosure appropriate to the installation environment and using the technology required; VoIP (via optical fibre, two-wire or CAT5), GSM, GSM-R, etc. Depending on the application and technology required a range of power options are available: Local mains power, solar power or PoE.

Interactive Help Point

VoIP Help Points with a 15in multi-touch interactive screen, ideal for supplying passenger with access to information such as train timetables, tourist information, local knowledge etc. The GUI can be designed by the Train Operating Company, allowing it to complement all other passenger tools (such as the operator’s websites) and marketing material.

Multimedia WebCIS Help Point

A GSM Help Point that provides real-time train running times. The integrated PC is equipped with a GSM interface for data transmission from a centralised data server, meaning that the same accurate data that is provided by the CIS system is displayed on the Help Point. (Also available with VoIP electronics.)

Network Rail PADS No. 087/037949

GSM-R Emergency Telephones

Highly reliable and proven technology, with intelligent power management and a solar power supply, the TDM GSM-R Telephone is completely independent of fixed-line networks. With versatile configuration options, the telephone functions can be tailored to meet the customer requirements. Features include: configuration and modification of key parameters by SMS, integration into the NIS system, secondary backup SIM on another GSM network, self-testing, status reporting, and much more.

Network Rail PADS No. PA05/05070

Pyxis Help Point

TDM’s compact Pyxis Help Point offers a robust, vandal resistant unit that is ideal for installation in environments where space is an issue. The unit can be supplied with up to three buttons and can utilise either GSM or VoIP technology. There are also options for solar power and an integral Audio Frequency Induction Loop system. The enclosure can be supplied in a range of colours and branded to meet requirements.