Hawker PerfectRail DS Batteries

Hawker PerfectRail proven Pb-sb and hybrid Pb-Ca grid technology offers a cost effective and reliable battery, which you can depend on for consistent performance, irrespective on the application and environment.

The Hawker PerfectRail Diesel Starter range of 12V flooded or wet batteries is suitable for engine starting and it’s a source of on-board power for a wide range of rail vehicles.

The Hawker PerfectRail Diesel Starter battery is manufactured using the very highest quality raw materials, using state of- the-art manufacturing equipment and process from plate casting through to assembly and formation. Quality control is ensured through automated self-checking operations and operator checks and tests performed by skilled technicians ensure the control and the continuous improvement of our processes and products.

The Hawker PerfectRail Diesel Starter battery is designed with quality in mind to boost your energy, when you need it the most.