Hawker EvoRail

Hawker EvoRail vehicle batteries, in accordance with the DIN standard, are fitted with maintenance-free, gel tubular-plate cells approved for application in railway vehicles. The battery trays are of polypropylene, polyethylene or plastic-coated steel and they are resistant to high mechanical stresses at different ambient temperatures.

Because of their design, the battery trays are particularly low maintenance and easy to handle and clean.

The problem-free, cost-conscious cell replacement EvoRail battery does not require any water filling throughout its whole operational life. These batteries also eliminate the possibility of environmentally damaging electrolyte leakage as the electrolyte is fixed in the gel. As a result, the batteries do not experience any faults.

EvoRail batteries experience very little self-discharge. Suitable for medium, partly cyclical loads, these batteries have robust cell construction in a tubular-plate design. They are compatible as spare batteries for train lighting and diesel start. The fully-insulated maintenance-free fastening technology used in the EvoRail batteries ensures problem-free, cost-conscious cell replacement.