Initially designed to allow trains to cross borders without the need to change locomotive or driver, the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) is now being adopted globally.

Responding to an EU initiative, the system was developed by key partners in Europe’s rail and signalling industry (UNISIG). As an active member, Bombardier has been and continues at the forefront in producing the system specifications.

Major benefits include:

  • Interoperability and cross-border operations
  • Ability to supervise every train according to its optimum characteristics
  • Higher line speed and shorter headways between high-speed trains
  • Increased line capacity
  • Greater safety and efficiency for passengers
  • Improved revenue earning potential for operators
  • Lower maintenance and lifecycle costs.

Pioneers in innovative technology

Bombardier is a market leader in providing ERTMS technology as part of its INTERFLO range of mainline solutions. Already supplying ERTMS Level 1 solutions in Europe and Asia, we were the first supplier to commission an ERTMS Level 2 system for commercial operation and are now also implementing the moving block ERTMS Level 3 solution.

INTERFLO 450 is an ERTMS Level 2 signalling solution for main lines (SIL4). This solution comprises all the trackside products required for such a line and includes the automatic train protection (ATP) system, as well as the ATP onboard the train.

It can be applied to new, dedicated high-speed lines offering high levels of safety and speeds, or may be mixed with networks with existing ATP systems, thereby requiring STM functionality. The operation of ERTMS requires a GSM-R radio system fitted in the network and presents opportunities for reduced trackside equipment e.g. light signals, cabling etc., representing significant capital and operational cost savings.

Lower life cycle costs

Our product strategy is based on offering low lifecycle cost solutions to our customers. We offer constant improvement in availability by utilising well defined, proven hardware and software components and modules across our applications.

Bombardier facts

Bombardier developed the Eurobalise technology, which was chosen to be at the heart of ERTMS in 1995, and pioneered the world’s first commercial ERTMS Level 2 solution in operation in 2001.

Today, over 3600 vehicles are equipped with Bombardier’s INTERFLO ERTMS onboard systems, over 60,000 Eurobalises have been installed and over 32,000 km of track has been equipped with its ERTMS wayside technology.

Ongoing projects include for major lines in Algeria, Brazil, Chile, Morocco, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden and Turkey.

Other notable achievements for Bombardier include equipping the highest speed, longest line ERTMS system in 2009 in China and the world’s first ERTMS Regional system in 2012 in Sweden.