Erlau outdoor furniture offers a great degree of functionality and design combined with versatility and durability. The company’s furniture range consists of a variety of innovative benches, seating systems, litter bins, bicycle parking systems, planters and bollards, to name a few.

The comprehensive range of furniture can be used across a wide spectrum of environments, from city centres and public realms to schools, parks and playgrounds, and transport. Erlau offers standard and customised designs to help fit each project’s requirements.

Erlau offers a wide range of modular seating, made from pagwood, wire mesh and stainless steel. The modular seating is ideal for a variety of environments, including schools, universities and public open spaces.

Topsit modular seating

The Topsit is a modern angular design that offers a wide choice of wire mesh or pagwood seating finishes. Elements can be designed with arm rests or a backless option that doubles as a side table. The Topsit range can be used across rail, bus and train stations, and in parks and other public spaces.