Erlau offers a wide range of benches, made from pagwood, wire mesh and stainless steel. The benches are suited to a variety of environments such as schools, universities and public open spaces, railway platforms and shopping centres.

Top quality, innovative products are what you get with the broad Erlau range. The design of the metal components of the furniture resist even the hottest environments meaning that the furniture will never heat up more than a few degrees beyond normal body temperature. Quick-drying powder is coated to the surfaces, which helps to resist dirt and guarantees a long product lifecycle, ensuring value for money.

Graffiti can be a problematic issue causing loss of money and wasted manpower. Erlau offers an exclusive anti-graffiti coating for its range to help safeguard your furniture and peace of mind. Graffiti and stickers can be easily removed with the simple wipe of a biodegradable cleaner.

The Erlau range is powder-coated with Rilsan, which is made from renewable resources extracted from the castoroil plant; no toxic gases are produced in case of fire. A coating thickness of 350 microns is applied to seating furniture, which guarantees a high level of durability and insulation. As a result, Erlau furniture never warms up in excess of 42˚C (108˚F), even the Erlau Outdoor Furniture range – a great advantage compared with benches made of wood, stone or pure metal.