Erlau’s new BellaVia outdoor furniture range comprises an innovative trapezoid elegance, optical attractiveness alongside a bold distinctive style. You could expect to see the BellaVia outdoor furniture range at train stations, parks and a variety of urban surroundings.

The trapezoid design oozes a distinctive style, setting it harmoniously into its surroundings. The table group and benches allows for extraordinarily free leg movement, while the relaxed seating guarantees a comfortable seat height of 480mm with an optimal 4° seating angle.

The frames tube construction has eliminated rough edges, making it extremely user friendly. The trapezoidal arranged mesh wire elements flow harmoniously into its surroundings, giving the illusion that the furniture is floating within its framework.

The new Bella Via range offers an impressive range of benches with or without armrests and backrests, table, waste containers, bollards, bicycle stands and planters. The Bella Via range is a perfect fit for many urban spaces and park surroundings, making that ultimate statement in quality and design.

Erlau’s products are produced exclusively in Germany, are ISO 9001 certified and can be expanded, extended or completely refurbished even many years after being purchased.