HFO Power Plant, Diesel Power Plant, Gas Power Plant, Distributed Energy Power Plant, Container Type Power Plant and Substation

With the abundant equipment export experience and the strong financial capacity, CRRC Ziyang started to search for the diversity development and came to the power filed from 2006, including the Power Station and Substation. From then on, CRRC Ziyang have been awarded and completed several power plants as the Contractor/Subcontractor, including Wuhai Gas Power Plant in China, Ivanoe Dual-fuel Power Plant in Mongolia, 27MW Diesel Power Station in Indonesia, etc.

And in 2010, CRRC Ziyang got Katakhali and Shantahar 50MW HFO Peaking Power Plant Projects in Bangladesh and has completed 6-years maintenance and operation for these two power plants since 2013.

In the past ten years, CRRC Ziyang has undertaken a series of EPC/EPC+O&M contracts in power generating field in different countries. In 2017, CRRC Ziyang got Ashugonj 150 MW HFO Power Plant Project in Bangladesh and is offering the warranty and maintenance work. So far all these power plants have been completed and put into commercial operation; in 2018, CRRC Ziyang got 103MW gas power plant in Bolivia; in 2019, CRRC Ziyang got the O&M and training contract for 20MW KUITO power plant in Angola. Now both of these two projects are in process; in 2020, CRRC Ziyang won the Pakistan Basa Dam Heavy Oil Power Plant Project. Besides, CRRC Ziyang also supplies power equipment, transmission & distribution equipment for different customers at both home and abroad. We also have the experience in the construction of substations on turn-key basis up to 220kV. Because of the top quality and high reliability of the constructed stations, CRRC Ziyang has obtained the good reputation both domestic and abroad.