The Precision Custom Composites Eco Plus universal access toilet (UAS) features a small total footprint with an internal rotating circle for complete access.

The Eco Plus has the smallest available footprint with an internal turning circle PRM TSi compliant.

Audible voice announcements advise the user of the toilet lock status reminding them to lock the doors after entering and closing the doors, and also aids visually impaired users. All services are accessible while seated on the toilet, which allows wheelchair users to use all facilities prior to returning to their wheelchair.

Other features include:

  • Electrical EN 50155, EN 61373, EN 50121-3-2, RIA 12
  • Structural GM / RT2100, EN 12663-1
  • Low maintenance door mechanism
  • Strong, lightweight bi-parting doors that minimise friction to avoid dragging, easily replaced in the event of vandalism
  • No floor guide for improved access for wheelchair users, and avoids dirt trap causing door jams
  • All service items inside one unit for easy maintenance
  • Touch-free sensor-controlled soap, water and dryer for improved hygiene
  • Low power electric hand dryer (approximately 60W during use)
  • High-capacity tissue dispenser
  • High-strength baby change table tested to be capable of withstanding 90.1kg of load and less prone to vandalism (exceeding the PRM TSI standard of 80kg)
  • Full floor-to-ceiling two-part mirror that allows mirror use at all heights and reduces replacement costs in the event of vandalism
  • Proven, reliable Evac vacuum toilet that minimises water usage
  • The Grande has minimisesd water usage at 0.45l per flush
  • Enviroclean system ensures the toilet and it’s pipework remain free of limescale and other residues

We have a UAT to suit all with two models available the Grande, the Eco Plus and custom models to suit your specific needs. Plus innovative custom model solutions available to suit your existing rolling stock to brand new trains.

The Eco Plus has the smallest available footprint, which is a major benefit as it provides maximised seating and revenue, featuring an internal turning circle achieving PRM TSI compliance.