HD100B DMU is AC-DC electric transmission centralized power DMU consisting of 2 motor cars and 6 trailer cars with a total person capacity of 432, which is used for main line freight transportation on narrow-gauge railway.

The motor car adopts inside corridor and streamlined carbody, equipped with electric injection diesel engine, of 2×1250kW max service power and a maximum running speed of 120km/h.

Main Technical Parameters:

  • Power: 1000-2000kW
  • Application: Main line passenger transportation
  • Track Gauge: 1,067mm
  • Operation Environment:
    • Environment Temperature: 0~50℃
    • Relative Humidity: 97%
    • Max. Gradient: 10‰
  • Configuration: 2M+6T
  • Total Passenger Capacity of DMU: 432
  • Power of DMU: 2×1,250kW
  • Axle Load of Motor Car: 15t
  • Axle Load of Trailer Car: 13.5t
  • Max. Starting Tractive Effort of Motor Car: 2×172kN
  • Max. Running Speed: 120km/h
  • Fuel Capacity: 3,500l
  • Overall Dimensions (L×W×H): 20,463mm×2,850mm×4,090mm (Motor Car)