Digital Signage is leading medium of the future for interactive and up-to-date passenger advertising at train stations.

The high-brightness monitors in our e.VITRUM® product range is not just effective in places where passengers have to stop and bridge waiting times: they are tailored to the respective target group at all times and their eye-catching looks will even draw attention to everyone passing by.

Multimedia advertising and moving pictures attract far more attention than classic advertising posters made of paper, and all they require is a power connection and a solid surface for mounting.

The design of our advertising displays can be individualised to the architecture of the station. Brightness of up to 5,000 nit and anti-reflective lenses allow our monitors to handle direct sunlight extremely well and the readability is not disturbed in any way. Additionally, our monitors guarantee an energy-saving and reliable 24/7 operation at temperatures of -33°C to 40°C. You can choose between panel sizes from 46in to 98in.

Our competent team of experts will find the optimal solution for our clients, no matter how big or small the project.

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