Turn railway project data into insights

Our connected construction data analytics solutions help you make real-time decisions for your railway projects because you’re gaining visibility into metrics, KPIs and trends, thus driving continuity in operations.

Detailed data sharing and analysis with intuitive dashboards

Single Source of Truth

Remove the guesswork on which reports and dashboards have the information you need. With reports that provide integrated information, you can be sure you are looking at accurate and relevant information.

Real-time information

No longer wait for lengthy month-end processes or for data to sync; consume the information in real time as it’s happening.

Industry recognised KPIs

Leverage pre-built templates of reports and dashboards that provide industry-proven and tested metrics and KPIs.

Customise and self-serve

Customize dashboards and connect directly to the data through APIs, enabling your teams to get to the information they need.

Information on the go

Access information from anywhere, without requiring someone to go back to the job trailer to find the answers they need. The InEight mobile application provides information at your fingertips.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Quickly generate, automate and share construction reports
  • Run S-Curve and earned value reports
  • Leverage data across the entire portfolio of InEight products
  • Surface change order status and issues

Achievable Results:

  • 75%+ confidence in execution certainty
  • 40% improvement in your team’s planning efficiency
  • 10% improvement in construction execution