Even in times of digital innovation, City Light Posters (CLP) are irreplaceable. They are most effective as an out-of-home medium wherever people have to bridge waiting times: in front of railway stations, in railway stations, directly on the platform, at bus stops or tram waiting halls.

Our CLP Showcases have been used for decades and are very successful throughout Europe. They feature a brilliant and energy-saving LED lighting, easy-to-use snaplocks and an easy exchange of posters.

Certificates for impact resistance, fire protection and dust and water-tightness (IP54 and IP65) guarantee longevity and reduce the maintenance costs tremendously. Because of that, renowned railway companies such as the Deutsche Bahn or the Austrian Federal Railways are among our customers.

In addition to our three standard types VITRUM, PLENUM and PRISMA in the classic CLP-format, we also offer advertising systems and information displays in individual formats and sizes. Fill in the enquiry form for more information.