CDD6A1 diesel locomotive is AC-DC electric transmission locomotive specifically designed for mainline freight transportation on narrow gauge railway in Argentina.

The locomotive adopts single driver’s cab and outside corridor structure, equipped with an electric injection diesel engine of 2200KW max service power and a maximum operating speed of 80km/h.

Main Technical Parameters:

  • Power: 2,000kW-3,000kW
  • Application: Main line freight transportation
  • Track Gauge: 1,000m
  • Axle Arrangement: C0-C0
  • Wheel Diameter: 1,016mm
  • Axle Load: 17t
  • Locomotive Service Weight: 102t
  • Max. Service Output of Diesel Engine: 2,200kW
  • Min. Negotiable Curve Radius: 80m
  • Max. Running Speed: 80km/h
  • Continuous Speed: 22.5km/h
  • Max. Starting Tractive Effort: 295kN
  • Continuous Tractive Effort: 230kN
  • Fuel Capacity: 4,000l
  • Oil Capacity: 360kg
  • Sand Capacity: 400kg
  • Overall Dimensions (L×W×H): 18,760mm×3,070mm×4,020mm