UK-based Zaha Hadid Architects and Estonian architect firm Esplan have won the design competition for the new Rail Baltic railway terminal at Ülemiste, Tallinn, in Estonia.

The Rail Baltic is an 870km electrified railway that runs between Tallinn and the Lithuanian-Polish border.

This rail line will connect with the European high-speed rail network at the Tallinn terminal. It will also be located near Tallinn airport.

The design of the terminal incorporates different elements to be used as a bridge and a multimodal hub that connects commuters, rail passengers and air travellers.

The architects stated that the station will adhere to the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) guidelines of sustainability.

The construction of the station will be carried out in multiple phases to allow rail operations to run uninterrupted.

Estonian Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Taavi Aas said: “I have been constantly informed about the developments in the Ülemiste area and in light of the works presented to the public today, I am more than convinced that the area is becoming one of the most attractive and, in terms of infrastructure, synergistic in Tallinn.

“A true multi-modal transport hub is emerging, with rail, bus and air traffic coming together there in the future.”

The jury board comprised nine members, including Rail Baltic Estonia manager Riia Sillave and Estonian Railways development manager Andrus Noor.

Danish architects Jesper Gottlieb and Thomas Grave-Larsen and former chief architect of Tallinn Endrik Mand were also a part of the board.

The competition was announced in May and concluded on 3 September.