Digital infrastructure specialist Telent will provide telecommunication services for the Cambridge re-signalling project in the UK.

At the start of this year, Telent’s customer Alstom received a contract for the replacement of a 40-year-old signalling system that spans 125 route miles in the Cambridge area.

Telent, which was chosen as Alstom’s telecoms partner, will be responsible for surveying, designing, installing and commissioning the new telecommunications components.

Its selection comes after its experience of working with Alstom to install its Smart Lock solution on the Paddington to Reading (P2R) project.

The Cambridge Re-signalling Relock Control project (C3R) will help deploy modern signalling technology, which is expected to lead to reduced maintenance and enhanced reliability.

Telent rail director Kevin Bonnano said: “We’re proud to have been awarded this contract and delighted to be working with Alstom on the C3R project.”

The project will also enable the delivery of a platform ready for digital technologies, including the European Train Control System (ETCS).

Expected to complete in two years, the project will also cover the renewal of the telecommunications systems across the area.

Alstom regional director David Maddison said: “We’re excited to see this project pan out over the next couple of years.

“It’s such a big-scale project which requires those with the best skills and knowledge of the technology of the technology to work with it, which is why we’re pleased to have Telent working with us.”