Swiss rolling stock manufacturer Stadler has received a contract to deliver 24 Tramlink streetcars to Jena, Germany.

The €92m order was placed by the city’s public transport company Jenaer Nahverkehr.

As agreed, Stadler will deliver the vehicles in two configurations, specifically 16 vehicles with seven sections and eight vehicles with five sections.

The overall contract also includes the option of 19 additional units and the maintenance of the trams for 24 years with an optional extension of an additional eight years.

Jenaer Nahverkehr managing director Steffen Gundermann said: “The new trains are an important investment for public transport and for the climate-friendly future of our city on the Saale.

“In the long term, they will ensure the environmentally friendly mobility of our residents – with sufficient space and heightened comfort. The Tramlink is a modern and modular multi-joint streetcar vehicle.”

The metre-gauge streetcars feature five or six doors on each side and passenger information system for added convenience. The vehicles are low-floored to enable smooth boarding and disembarking.

The longer variant features 75 seats and will be able to accommodate 234 passengers. The shorter configuration will have space for 174 passengers with 46 seats.

Stadler LRV and Metro product segment head Christoph Klaes said: “In the case of the streetcars for Jena, special attention was paid to reducing energy consumption.

“For example, the car body structure is made of high-strength stainless-steel and the large panes of the passenger compartment are double-glazed for better insulation.”

Last month, Stadler received a contract from Hungarian passenger operator MÁV-START to deliver four additional bi-mode CITYLINK tram-trains.