Skeleton Technologies has received a contract from Medcom to supply ultracapacitor energy storage for the tram network in Warsaw, Poland.

Ultracapacitors have a capacity of one million cycles and immediate charging. This allows for functions that are not possible using batteries, which have a capacity of only 2,000-3,000 cycles.

Trams with these ultracapacitors installed will be able to use recovered braking energy for acceleration.

They will also protect Warsaw’s grid infrastructure by reducing power peaks.

Medcom CFO Pawel Chodun said: “The high efficiency of ultracapacitor energy storage is well suited to electric trams, enabling both energy savings as well as protection for the infrastructure from high peaks of power.”

Skeleton Technologies CEO Taavi Madiberk said: “Skeleton Technologies is known as a trusted supplier of energy storage solutions in transportation applications.

“Together with Medcom, known globally for the high quality of their solutions for electrified public transportation systems, Skeleton Technologies’ ultracapacitor systems will make the Warsaw tram one of the most modern and energy-efficient in the world.”

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In August, a consortium comprising ZUE, Budimex and Strabag concluded modernisation of the Żychlin-Barłogi stretch (LCS Kutno) on the E-20 railway line in Poland.

Budimex carried out works at the Zamków rail yard, Barłogi station and the Barłogi route at the LCS Kutno border.

In February, Bombardier Transportation and Akiem unveiled the TRAXX DC3 locomotive in Poland. This is reportedly the most efficient direct current locomotive operating in Poland.