RB Rail has invited applications for design and design supervision services of the mainline North and South sections in Latvia.

The tender for the main line comprises two lots.

The first lot covers a 94km section from Vangaži to the Latvia-Estonia state border. According to the preliminary technical design, 36 road viaducts, 13 bridges, three railway viaducts, three animal crossings, 119 culverts, and regional stations with passing loops in Salacgrīva, Skulte and Ādaži will be constructed.

Similarly, the second lot, covering a 45km section from Misa to the Latvia-Lithuania state border, is expected to include 16 road viaducts, four bridges, four railway viaducts, one animal crossing, 54 culverts, and regional stations in Bauska and Iecava.

Although both lots are being tendered under a single procurement procedure, they will be contracted individually to deliver design and design supervision services for the track substructure, superstructure and related civil structures on the high-speed double-track electrified railway line.

A two-stage procedure comprising qualification and negotiations has been selected for the procurement.

Earlier this month, RB Rail signed two design contracts for a 123km central section from Upeslejas through Riga to Misa and from Vangaži through Salaspils to Misa.

The first two-year contract, worth €12,989,200, was signed with a group comprising two Spanish companies, IDOM Consulting, Engineering, Architecture (IDOM) and Ingeniería y Economía del Transporte (INECO) for the mainline section through Riga.

The 56km section will include 30 road and railway viaducts, four bridges, 13 pedestrian crossings and four ecoducts, as well as a tunnel.

The second two-year contract, worth €12,024,529, was signed with a team comprising Egis Rail based in France, DB Engineering & Consulting from Germany, and Latvian company Olimps.

The team will deliver the detailed technical design for 67km of track. This section will include 33 road and railway viaducts, 11 bridges, two pedestrian crossings and three ecoducts.

The design works are carried out on behalf of the Ministry of Transport of Latvia.