Baltic States joint venture (JV) RB Rail has launched a tender for the procurement of electrification engineering services.

The bid will enable the JV to choose an engineering service provider for the Rail Baltica energy subsystem development, procurement and deployment supervision.

RB Rail noted that the services under the tender will cover the period up to the start of train operation on the Rail Baltica corridor.

The Rail Baltica energy subsystem features components such as high-voltage feeding lines to link traction substation to high voltage electrical grids, traction substations and overhead catenary system.

The subsystem also includes electrification control command system.

According to the proposal, the engineering company will be required to conduct technical studies such as advanced software simulation of the energy subsystem and recommend the energy subsystem’s technical architecture.

In addition, the company will have to outline a technical specification for the deployment contracts.

Furthermore, the winning firm will also be responsible for overseeing the design and construction works’ execution.

One of the main objectives of the project is to construct an environmentally sustainable infrastructure using renewable energy to power Rail Baltica. This will result in environmentally friendly rail transport.

The rail project will also serve as an alternative to other transport modes such as road and air in the Baltic States.