British rail passengers are dissatisfied with the high prices of airport express trains, according to a UK airport train services survey conducted by consumer research firm ‘Which?’.

The study revealed that Gatwick Express service between London Victoria and Gatwick airport scored only 60%; well below the 87% achieved by the highest-rated Virgin Trains service from Birmingham to its airport.

Which? executive director Richard Lloyd said: "There are unacceptably wide differences in the levels of customer satisfaction for airport trains, with many people especially unhappy about the high cost of some express services.

"Train companies must do more to listen to travellers’ views, which is why we’ve launched a campaign to Get Trains on Track, calling for a better response to complaints."

"Train companies must do more to listen to travellers’ views."

The Heathrow Express scored 70%, and was rated high for comfort, luggage space and frequency. However, it received only one out of five stars in price on account of its high costs.

The Stansted Express scored 69%, and passengers liked its luggage space, but not the £23.40 one-way ticket price.

Docklands Light Railway to London City airport was the highest-rated London service for its frequency and prices, while First Capital Connect to Luton airport was the lowest-rated London service.

Image : The Gatwick Express has come last in survey of UK airport train services. Photo: courtesy of Which?