Seibu Railway

Toshiba has secured a contract from Tokyo’s private firm Seibu Railway to provide high-performance propulsion systems for new Series 40,000 trains, which will enter into service on lines serving Tokyo, Japan, and its suburbs in early 2017.

The propulsion systems include totally enclosed permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs) and four-in-one, variable-voltage, variable-frequency (VVVF) traction inverters.

The PMSM delivers energy-efficiency of 97% and its enclosed design reduces the need for cleaning during its service life, minimising maintenance.

"This is Toshiba’s first volume order for propulsion systems for Seibu trains."

Seibu Railway serves western Tokyo from Shinjuku station and northern Tokyo and Saitama from Ikebukuro station.

As part of the deal, Toshiba will supply 24 sets of propulsion systems for eight ten-car trains and the delivery is scheduled to be initiated in early 2016.

This is Toshiba’s first volume order for propulsion systems for Seibu trains.

The four-in-one VVVF inverter system features inverter circuits for each cooling unit, and is smaller and lighter compared with the existing systems.

The company noted that the system, which integrates two four-in-one inverter units with inverter circuits, reduces power consumption by up to 50% compared with its previous system through its ability to drive up to eight PMSMs.

Additionally, the regenerative braking control system is able to harvest more energy than previous models, strengthening the train’s overall energy efficiency.

Toshiba’s totally enclosed PMSMs are being widely adopted in Japan and overseas, as rail companies are looking for rolling stock that offers enhanced environmental performance, particularly high-energy efficiency, low noise and reduced maintenance.

Image: Artist’s impression of the new Series 40,000 trains. Photo: courtesy of Seibu Railway.