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Siemens has secured a contract from VAG Verkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft in Nuremberg, Germany, to deliver 21 four-car G1 type metro trains for service on the city’s U1 line.

The contract also includes two options to deliver up to an additional 13 trains.

The delivery of the new four-car trains is scheduled for mid-2018.

The company’s manufacturing plant in Vienna, Austria, will build the G1 type trains and its core components will be produced in the Nuremberg metropolitan area.

The core components of the G1 include the drive converters, traction motors, auxiliary converter units and control equipment.

"The G1 type will give the VAG a train that is based on proven technology and has been developed by an experienced local team."

The new G1 type trains feature wider doors with extendable door steps to bridge the gap between the car and platform.

According to the company, project management, development and service support will be provided from Erlangen.

VAG technology and operation head Michael Richarz said: "Siemens not only has worldwide experience of rail vehicle manufacture, but is also very familiar with the conditions here in Nuremberg.

"After all, Siemens was the general contractor for the automation of our U2 and U3 metro lines."

The 18.5km U1 line serves 27 stations and runs from Langwasser Süd via the Exhibition Center, Nuremberg Main Station and Plärrer to Hardhöhe Station, the current most westerly terminus of the line in the city of Fürth.

In November 2001, VAG awarded Siemens an order to equip the U2 and U3 metro lines for fully automated operation and supply 30 two-car automatic type DT3 trains.

Siemens mobility division CEO Jochen Eickholt said: "The G1 type will give the VAG a train that is based on proven technology and has been developed by an experienced local team."

As of 2010, the operator has also received another 14 type DT3-F trains to replace its oldest DT1 trains and to serve the further extension of the U3.

VAG currently has a total of 100 two-car units in service with Siemens technology.

Image: The four-car G1 type metro trains for U1 line will be built at Siemens’ manufacturing plant in Vienna. Photo: courtesy of Siemens.