Siemens mobility division business unit Siemens Rail Automation has launched a new software, RailFusion, at Railway Interchange 2015 in the US.

RailFusion monitors and analyses data points across an entire railroad’s infrastructure, including onboard and wayside assets such as road crossings and end-of-train devices.

It is designed to turn big data into intelligence by intuitively monitoring and analysing railroad infrastructure to improve system operations and safety.

"RailFusion brings all of these disparate data points together in one system."

Operators are provided with insights into activity across an entire railway as the system remotely monitors and captures data from both Siemens and third-party devices located on the infrastructure.

By using the captured data, the software can identify trends to help railroads better plan operations specific to their needs and fix issues.

RailFusion allows devices located on rail infrastructure to communicate with one another to remotely determine the status and effectiveness of maintenance activities, road crossings and locomotive operation.

It helps in accessing live crossing occupation information, identifies incorrect device behaviour, analyses patterns along the railroads based on historical data, and offers operators an easy-to-use platform to manage complex rail infrastructure.

Siemens Rail Automation head John Paljug said: "On any given railroad, there are trillions of data points being created by train systems and devices along a line, but this data is simply not being put into action.

"RailFusion brings all of these disparate data points together in one system and puts intelligence behind them, allowing railroads to make more informed, efficient decisions about how to operate and maintain their systems specific to their needs."

In addition to interacting with any devices or systems located on rail infrastructure, including positive train control (PTC), RailFusion also offers operators the ability to monitor the health of a PTC network and the equipment providing services for the control system.

Data secured by the new system is transmitted in real-time and stored in a Siemens data centre for analytics and reporting.

Currently being piloted in North America, RailFusion is an extension of the company’s portfolio of intelligent rail automation software that helps to plan, control and monitor any type of rail system.