Austrian cross-border private railway Raaberbahn is planning to place an order with Siemens for five Desiro ML regional three-car electric multiple units.

Built with dual capability of 15kV AC/25kV AC, the new three-car basic units, each with four doors on each side of entry, will feature improved drive systems, low-floor entrance height of 600mm, and can accommodate up to 259 passengers.

Desiro ML trains, which can run at a top speed of 160kmph, are scheduled to be delivered from mid-2016 onwards.

Raaberbahn managing board director Csaba Székely said: "The new trains represent a milestone for future rail traffic between Deutschkreuz and Vienna, and between Pamhagen and Vienna in cooperation with Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB)."

"The new trains represent a milestone for future rail traffic."

The new environment-friendly trains will be manufactured at the Siemens plant in Krefeld, Germany, while the bogies will be supplied from the Siemens works in Graz, Austria.

Raaberbahn operates in western Hungary and eastern Austria, Burgenland province and metropolitan Vienna.

Image: The new Desiro ML underway. Photo: courtesy of Siemens.