Sweden-based Prover Technology and consulting firm IKOS have formed a partnership to meet customer demand for development of automated rail control systems.

Under the partnership, IKOS will provide engineering services for customers from its locations across Europe, while Prover will provide formal requirement specifications, its iLock tool suite, and its Certifier.

The iLock is a tool suite that automates development of computerised interlocking systems. It is used to generate code for vital, non-vital logic and distributed systems, safety verification using 100% coverage formal proof, functional testing with co-simulation of the system and environment models; and for documentation.

"We are delighted to partner with IKOS to bring modern, automated development to new customers."

Prover Certifier is the software product that allows users to automatically produce complete safety evidence for CENELEC EN50128 SIL 4 certification using formal verification.

Prover Technology CEO Arne Boralv said: "We are delighted to partner with IKOS to bring modern, automated development to new customers across Europe."

IKOS CEO Serge Chelly said: "We see considerable value in this partnership, based on Prover’s leading software technology for rail control development, our engineering skills and know-how in local railway markets and complementary geographical locations."

Prover said that the partnership is a response to the increasing demand for an integrated suite of software products that cover the whole development process from formal requirements to sign-off verification of the revenue-service software code.

Prover Technology is a provider of technology for automated development of rail control software, while IKOS is a consulting group of six subsidiaries with 350 engineers specialised in railway engineering.