Green Line

Minnesota Metropolitan Council in the US will receive $2.5bn in investment for 121 construction and redevelopment projects near the Metro Green Line, as part of the Central Corridor LRT Project.

Beginning services in June, the project has attracted investments for residential and commercial developments near the University of Minnesota, along University Avenue, and in both downtown St Paul and Minneapolis.

As part of the investment, Green Line’s eastern terminus Union Depot in St Paul will see a $243m renovation.

Met Council chair Sue Haigh said: "The development we’ve seen so far only marks the beginning of new opportunities in the Central Corridor.

"The Green Line will be a future catalyst for employment and economic growth along its 11-mile route."

Of the 121 projects, 43 are yet to be announced so the $2.5bn investment is expected to rise in the forthcoming months.

Metro Transit will also renovate existing bus routes that cross the Green Line, providing improved transfer opportunities for passengers.

Funded by a combination of federal, state and local sources, the $957m line includes 18 new stations, along with five stations shared with the Blue Line in downtown Minneapolis.

The line is expected to provide an estimated 41,000 average weekday boardings by 2030.

Image: Green Line light rail train during April 2014 test runs. Photo: courtesy of Runner1928.