London Underground’s Covent Garden station is set to receive four new lifts, as part of Transport for London’s (TfL) efforts to increase capacity at the station by 25%.

Work will include complete removal of the existing lift cars, which were originally deployed nearly 25 years ago, replacement of all of the structural, mechanical and electrical parts as well as modification to the steel structure within the lift shaft.

Intended to reduce the impact on customers using the station, the replaced larger lift cars operate at an increased speed, and are compliant with lift and disability regulations.

The new energy-efficient lift cars will also enable TfL to reduce its carbon footprint.

"We have explored various options to carry out these works while keeping disruption at a minimum."

London Underground COO Phil Hufton said: "We want to remind customers of the forthcoming work to the lifts and Covent Garden station and make them aware of the alternative travel options available to them.

"The station will be exit only, and westbound Piccadilly trains will not stop at Covent Garden on weekends only."

TfL has taken actions to allow customers to use Leicester Square or Charing Cross stations, causing less disruption to journeys for them during the replacement work.

"We have explored various options to carry out these works while keeping disruption at a minimum for our customers," Hufton added.

The replacement of first of four lifts will begin on 24 February and is scheduled to be completed within 10 months, while the remaining two lifts will be replaced starting from February 2015.

The total time to complete the replacement work will take roughly 17 months as against the standard 28 months.

Image: Covent Garden tube station, with entrance to the right, exit to the left. Photo: courtesy of Sunil060902.