California HSR

Spanish engineering firm Ferrovial’s construction subsidiary has signed a $442m contract with the California High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) to design and build a 35km section of high-speed railway line in Central Valley, California, US.

The contract value also includes $107m for the relocation of gas, power and communications networks.

Work will be carried out on the line between Wasko and Shafter. The section forms part of the 161km central section of the high-speed railway line between Fresno and Bakersfield, linking Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Under the deal, Ferrovial Agroman will carry out work, including at-grade, retained fill and aerial sections of the alignment, relocating four miles of existing line, construction of waterway and wildlife crossings, as well as roadway reconstruction, relocations and closures.

"The contract value also includes $107m for the relocation of gas, power and communications networks."

The CHSRA secured state and federal environmental clearances for this phase of work, which is scheduled to be completed in 2018.

Under the deal, 30% of the work must be outsourced to small local state-certified employers. It also includes acceptance of the Community Benefits Agreement, designed to allow workers in disadvantaged groups to benefit from work and training opportunities.

It is reported the CHSRA is planning to invest $200m over the next five to eight years in mitigation and conservation, identified through a regional strategy to ensure that conservation priorities contribute to current regional and local resource planning efforts.

Following its scheduled completion in 2029, the line will link Los Angeles and San Francisco at speeds of more than 320km/hour, bringing the journey time to less than three hours.

The network will extend to Sacramento and San Diego, measuring 1,300km in length, with 24 stations.

Image: Ferrovial Agroman will build a 35km section of the California high-speed railway line. Photo: courtesy of Ferrovial.