Channle Tunnel

Eurotunnel has resumed full service on the Channel Tunnel, after completion of the repairs to an 800m-long overhead catenary in the north running tunnel.

On 7 July, a passenger shuttle train ran out of power in the north tunnel due to a major disruption on the overhead power line.

The passengers were transferred through the service tunnel into a passenger shuttle in the south tunnel to continue their journey to France. The Channel Tunnel continued to operate as a single line service.

Despite the disruption, the Channel Tunnel transported 4,860 passenger vehicles and 2,284 trucks, as well as 51 Eurostar and six freight trains during this period.

Eurotunnel customer experience director Yves Szrama said: "The safety of the passengers is always our first concern.

"The safety of the passengers is always our first concern."

"Once that is assured, we want them to be comfortable and well-informed. The recent installation of mobile telephone services inside the Channel Tunnel helped us to keep our customers informed during the incident."

Eurotunnel invests a total of €110m in staff training, as well as the maintenance and improvement of its infrastructure.

Image: Entrance to the Channel Tunnel nearby Coquelles, France. Photo: courtesy of Holger Weinandt.