alstom pendolino

Poland’s Office of Rail Transport has certified Alstom’s Pendolino trains for operation at up to 250km/h, including confirmation of compliance with the Polish signalling system and European railway traffic management system (ERTMS) level 1.

The certification comes after the trains achieved a high-speed record of 293km/h in Poland last year. Compliance with ERTMS level 2 will be subject of further certification processes.

Alstom Transport Europe vice-president Andreas Knitter said: "Alstom’s Pendolino trains are successfully expanding internationally and will now provide Polish passengers with superior standards of travelling."

In May 2011, Polish operator PKP Intercity ordered 20 Pendolino trains from Alstom for operation between Gdynia, Gdansk, Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice and Wroclaw.

"Alstom’s Pendolino trains are successfully expanding internationally."

The company has already delivered 16 of the 20 units and all the Pendolinos will begin operations in December 2014.

According to Alstom, Pendolino is integrated with the company’s tilting technology and has been designed to run at 250km/h on both high-speed and conventional lines. Tiltronix enables the train to travel up to 35% faster than conventional trains.

Pendolino can also be completely customised from interior layout to the number of cars, voltage power supply, gauge and suspension.

The trains have been certified to operate in 14 nations and meet the needs of all regions across the world, including North America, Russia and Asia.

Alstom will maintain the trains at its train technical service centre in Warsaw.

Image: Pendolino has been designed to run at 250km/h on both high-speed and conventional lines. Photo: courtesy of Alstom.