Luxembourg-based rolling stock leasing company Alpha Trains has received six new EURO4000 locomotives to provide freight services between Spain and Portugal. 

The locomotives were built at Stadler Valencia’s Albuixech plant in Spain and are equipped with specific Spanish and Portuguese signalling systems and radio.

Among the six locomotives, four vehicles will be operated by Medway under a long-term lease agreement. The contract is the first of its kind between Alpha Trains and Medway.

Alpha Trains Locomotives Division managing director Fernando Pérez said: “It is the first time that Medway has leased locomotives from Alpha Trains and we hope to continue providing Medway with our services and to support their business success.”

EURO4000 is a high-powered diesel-electric locomotive equipped with EMD high-efficiency diesel engine.

So far, Stadler had supplied more than 100 EURO4000 locomotives to different European rail freight operators.

The six-axle locomotives are also claimed to provide high flexibility and hauling capacity as well as reduce operational costs through low fuel consumption.

"This contributes to the achievement of the European Union’s greenhouse gas reduction targets."

The investment in these new freight assets also represents a step for sustainable future.

Alpha Trains Group CEO Shaun Mills said: “Our broad portfolio of rolling stock for various needs and customer-tailored leasing solutions facilitates modal shift from road to rail and hence, reduces CO2 emissions.

“This contributes to the achievement of the European Union's greenhouse gas reduction targets.”

Alpha Trains, which owns 435 passenger trains and 380 locomotives, provides customised leasing solutions to various public and private operators across 13 European countries.

Image: Alpha Trains consolidates its market position in Spain and Portugal. Photo: courtesy of Alpha Trains.