MBTA in US to renew track along E branch rail line
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MBTA to renew track along E branch rail line

13 Aug 2021 (Last Updated August 13th, 2021 12:06)

MBTA asked the contractors to execute noise mitigation tactics for minimising noise disruptions.

MBTA to renew track along E branch rail line
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The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) in the US is set to carry out 600 additional feet of track overhaul along Green Line’s E branch and crosswalk improvements from 78 South Huntington Avenue to Heath Street.

The work will be completed by leveraging the ongoing E Branch accelerated construction project.

During the first week of the E Branch full access closure, the MBTA spotted additional areas for improvement by inspecting tracks on South Huntington Avenue.

The agency also gathered community feedback in connection with the pedestrian crossings’ condition.

MBTA will now implement improvement works along the E Branch corridor as well as reduce future service disruptions and inconvenience for commuters.

MBTA general manager Steve Poftak said: “Replacing an additional 600 feet of track and upgrading accessibility at track crossings will reduce the risk of unplanned service disruptions and improve safety, reliability, and comfort for riders, bicyclists, drivers, and pedestrians.

“Doing this work on the E Branch now using a full shutdown means fewer disruptions in the future.”

After carrying out prep work and welding of rail strings, the crews will perform trackwork.

They will subsequently conduct intermittent work to excavate and swap track on South Huntington Avenue and Heath Street.

In addition, the scope of the project covers improvements at five crosswalks.

These crosswalks include a pair at the intersection of South Huntington Avenue and Heath Street, a pair at the ends of the Heath Street Station platform, and one at Back of the Hill Station.

For minimising noise disruptions during the construction, MBTA will oversee the noise levels and has asked the contractors to execute noise mitigation tactics.