Multimodal solutions provider IntelliTrans has reached an alliance with AllTranstek for the improvement of rail car maintenance tracking.

AllTranstek is responsible for monitoring rail cars for required maintenance and trial besides auditing both railroad and contract shop repairs.

The company also takes care of auditing lease and mileage equalisation activity, as well as handling auditing lease and mileage equalisation activity.

Its other activities include rail car inspections and guiding shippers with regulatory compliance to enhance the decision-making process, lowering risk and maximising profit margins.

Furthermore, the company helps shippers with overall fleet management and issue resolution through consulting.

Direct integration with IntelliTrans’ Global Visibility Platform consolidates all maintenance records, repair and operational costs, fleet data, and lease information within one system.

This is said to generate better insights at the fleet level and for individual cars, improving productivity.

IntelliTrans president Ken Sherman said: “AllTranstek digitises the maintenance process for rail cars, ensuring the rail fleets get to the right maintenance shops at the optimal time to keep up with federal regulations, while minimising lost revenue.

“Companies might forget when maintenance needs to be performed, which can lead to rail cars being unavailable to ship products or out of compliance.

“Automating maintenance tracking lets customers know when cars need to be repaired or updated, keeping the cars compliant, safe, and working properly.”