Dutch infrastructure firm Heijmans has secured a €20m design and build contract from railway operator ProRail for the new underpass onContactweg road in Amsterdam.

Prorail expects the new underpass to improve rail and road traffic access to the port and Amsterdam West.

ProRail, along with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public works and other stakeholders, developed the structural solution for the current bottleneck at the Kabelweg road level crossing. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Works and other stakeholders also participated in the development.

The proposal also includes a new passenger trainyard at the Westhaven and forms part of the High-Frequency Rail Transport Programme.

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The underpass will connect to the underlying road and cycling network. This will allow the closure of the current level crossing at the Kabelweg road.

Heijmans said that this project will allow for the construction of a third track. This proposed track will run to the freight trainyard and the passenger trainyard.

This marks the seventh contract that Heijmans has received as a part of the Tunnel Alliance framework contract.

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The alliance consists of three other construction companies along with Heijmans and ProRail.

Last year, Alstom signed agreement with the Province of Groningen, local operator Arriva, ProRail and energy firm Engie to test the Coradia iLint, which is powered by hydrogen fuel cells, for the first time in the Netherlands.

In March 2019, ProRail deployed Cambridge Broadband Networks’ (CBNL) 26GHz VectaStar solution in order to provide wireless backhaul for a new CCTV system at major railway stations.

CBNL collaborated with integrated security systems provider VCS Observation to carry out the project. VCS provided network deployment and integration services.