The first train of Amtrak’s 28 new Acela trainsets will travel to the test track in Colorado, US, to undergo high-speed testing.

They will travel from the Hornell Alstom production facility on 17 February.

Amtrak expects the trains to begin operations in 2021 on the Northeast Corridor (NEC).

Last month, the US Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) approved the application to move the trains to Colorado.

Amtrak expects the testing period to last nine months. The trains will undergo dynamic testing for pantograph, railway dynamics, tilting and traction

The company will also test their slip / slide and wayside protection, brakes and train control management systems.

Following the testing period, the trainset will travel to Alstom’s factory for the fitting of their interiors.

The new trains have a 25% higher capacity while offering the spacious, high-end comfort of the current Acela service.

They feature Wi-Fi, personal charging outlets, USB ports and reading lights. They also have sustainable features, such as recycled leather seating.

Reportedly the fastest and most comfortable electric trains in the US, these trains offer environmentally friendly travel.

The trains will use 40% less energy per traveller, which will help Amtrak to reduce its carbon footprint.

Alstom has completed the assembly of the second trainset and will transfer it to Amtrak’s Penn Coach Yard for testing next month.

Amtrak president and CEO Richard Anderson said: “Amtrak is proud to celebrate this major achievement for the new Acela fleet program, as we are bringing customers one step closer to enjoying the benefits of these new trains.”

“With strong demand for Acela travel continuing to grow, we will test the trains to ensure customers will have safe and reliable service with modern amenities when these trains go into service next year.”